Greyhound Buses

The Greyhound Buses company is nearly a century old. They were founded in 1914 so their centennial is quickly approaching! This is a company that is truly a household name. They are the authority in transit buses. They provide service nationwide and are known for the quality of their service as well as their economic prices. Greyhound Buses is a company that not only covers a wide geographical area, but a wide market area as well. What that means is they do more than just offer transit service. They are involved in almost every aspect of the bus industry!

Used Greyhound Buses for Sale

One place that Greyhound busses has not actually been too involved in the bus industry is the actual manufacturing a buses. However, so influential they have been to the bus world, that buses manufactured by other companies have had Greyhound attached to their name. This is like special prestige for a bus, to be a 'Greyhound MCI MC12' or a 'Greyhound GMC PD-3751'. The latter example there has its own nickname, one that has gained some popularity over the years in fact. If you ask anyone what 'Silversides' is, and they can answer you, then they know a thing or two about old greyhound buses!

In any case, you can take it as a boon if a bus is a used greyhound bus for sale, because it means that they were once used by this company, and having the Greyhound seal of approval means something in the bus world.

Greyhound buses schedules, rates, and stops

The flagship service of Greyhound buses is Greyhound transit service. Their extensive network (and affiliate companies that act as network support) means that they can get anyone almost anywhere, almost anytime. There is no more comprehensive transit service than that of Greyhound and its partners! We would provide the information on Greyhound rates, stops, and schedules here, but it is way too expansive for this page! Better to go to the Greyhound website, which (to no surprise) is very well constructed and user friendly for finding the information you need with minimal hassle.

One day, we may try to incorporate some more detailed information on Greyhound services here, like we are doing with charter services in general at our charter bus site, but the charter bus listing we are developing is a monumental task in and of itself, and compiling some useful Greyhound service information here will be even more of a challenge! But stay tuned... Once we have a fairly comprehensive charter bus list (it has already grown quite nicely in a short time), we may turn our attention here!